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3 years loan: Effective Rate 5.36% - 16.74%

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Average ROI on AQUSH 3 years loan = 7.07%
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Fair rates for credit-worthy borrowers and a new asset class for smart investors in Japan

ExCo's mission is to leverage innovation and international best practices to pioneer new "social" financial services. Our goal is to bring transparency and choice to markets and assets that previously were illiquid, opaque and tightly controlled, by empowering people to legally and securely deal directly with each other.

ExCo was selected as one of “100 SMEs to save Japan” by Newsweek Japan.

ExCo Team

Russell Cummer Russell Cummer:
Russell was a trader and principal investor on the Asia Credit and Convertibles Trading desk at Goldman Sachs in Tokyo.
Tatsunori Sawada Tatsunori Sawada:
Sawada spent more than 20 years at Mitsui Bank and retired as the GM of the Kasumigaseki Branch.
Lee Smith Lee Smith:
Lee Smith worked in the mobile communications industry before founding Nozara, a Singapore-based internet investment firm in 2003.