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2018/05/15 Exchange Corporation K.K. は、Paidy Inc.として社名変更しました。

Our Services

Paidy covers over 100 million Japanese consumers for real-time online payments

By combining BigData Streaming and Machine Learning with years of successful risk analysis experience, Paidy has developed the largest cardless, real-time payment network in Japan.

Paidy aggregates the most popular non-credit card payments into a single, real-time, 100% guaranteed payment network available to all qualifying consumers.

Our developer-friendly API and Paidy Check-Out let our merchant partners focus on building great online shopping experiences, without the complex management of multiple payment methods and providers.

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AQUSH is Japan’s leading peer-to-peer consumer loan service

Operating since 2009, AQUSH has served thousands of creditworthy borrowers with loans at competitive interest rates. For investors, AQUSH unlocks the consumer loan market as an asset class.

Using proprietary technology to mitigate risk, the default rate at AQUSH is orders of magnitude better than the industry average.

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We turn visitors into buyers, with Paidy

Russell Cummer, Founder & Executive Chairman

Our Vision

At ExCo we are focused on converting visitors into buyers, with Paidy

We believe that a superior online payment experience that gives consumers peace of mind and is easy to use can significantly increase conversion and sales.

Our investors include Recruit Strategic Partners, CyberAgent Ventures, Arbor Ventures, SIG Asia and 500 Startups.

Paidy Check-Out delights consumers and boosts conversion

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